Gilsonite analysis

Iran Gilsonite analysis and specification is variable depend on mine and location of the Gilsonite Zone. Normally if you explore from core of Gilsonite mine there is less impurity in gilsonite but when you take from beside of mine there are too much impurity and soil including the mineral bitumen and it should be separated before pulverizing to powder.

The impurities will effect to quality and specification of goods and damage properties of Gilsonite.

Analyze of Gilsonite


Test (wt%)

Test method

Test result


Ash content

ASTM- D3174



Moisture content

ASTM- D3174



Solubility in CS2




Volatile matler 900C/min

ASTM 3175




Element Analyzer




Element Analyzer












Element Analyzer



Softening point




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How order gilsonite

How order gilsonite

Most of customer dont know how order gilsonite. Gilsonite buyer should be specified below details to be able to quote you optimum rate.1. How many MT?2. Lump or powder?3. If powder what mesh size?4. What packing and marking?5. What is application?6. Where is destination? [...]

Gilsonite application

Gilsonite application

Gilsonite application is various because it has a large molecular weight distribution and a high molecular weight the softening point is high compared to other types of polymers, which allows it to soften or deform as it is nears its softening point instead of completely melting into a low viscosity liquid. Even when it is 20 degrees above its softening point, it is still a high viscosity liquid.From the original source hard natural petroleum, one of Gilsonite application is formed with a polymer backbone that [...]

Gilsonite MSDS natural asphalt SDS safety data sheet

Gilsonite MSDS natural asphalt SDS safety data sheet

Gilsonite MSDS natural asphalt SDSTRADE NAME: GILSONITEAPPLICATIONS: Oil well drilling fluid additive. Fluid Loss reducerEMERGENCY TELEPHONE: 0098-21-88103560&61SUPPLIER: Avizheh technology and development of Middle East (ATDM CO LTD) P.O. Unite 1106 of Sarve Saei tower, Valiasr St. Tehran IranTELEPHONE: 0098-21-26656401FAX: 0098-21-26656254CONTACT PERSON: Samsami – Manager, Occupational Health2. COMPOSITION, INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTSINGREDIENT NAME: GilsoniteCAS No.: [...]

Gilsonite HS code natural asphalt harmonized code

Gilsonite HS code natural asphalt harmonized code

Gilsonite HS code and natural asphalt is 27149000.The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, also known as the Harmonized System (HS) of tariff nomenclature is an internationally standardized system of names and numbers to classify traded products.Some other similar product with Gilsonite HS code:Gilsonite HS code and natural bitumen , natural asphalt , natur bitumen , natur asphalt , asphaltite , asphalt gesteinmineral bitumen , natural tar , mineral tar, natural bitumen [...]

Gilsonite usage

Gilsonite usage

Gilsonite usage in oil based drilling fluids and advances in drilling fluid compositions are described in applicant’s co-pending application PCT CA2007/000646 filed April 18, 2007 and incorporated herein by reference. This co-pending application describes the chemistry of organ clays and primary emulsifiers for use in various applications including oil-based drilling fluids and various compositions wherein the viscosity of the compositions may be controlled.By way of background and in the particular [...]

Gilsonite price and best time to buy

Gilsonite price and best time to buy

Gilsonite price is depending on weather and inter nation market price of petroleum commodities like crude oil and bitumen price.If rain comes since the most of natural asphalt mines are belong to local people and exploring is not modern while rain coming whole of mine will get full of water and nobody could work on till dry season.At this time stokers or anybody who has ready goods increasing the price and market will became hot. Some of customer who needs to pulverize the Gilsonite also are unable to do since [...]