Albanian gilsonite

Albania Gilsonite Co is one of producer of Gilsonite but the softening point is lower.

ATDM is properly classified as natural asphalt or natural bitumen mixed with inert materials in nature. It can be used as asphaltic conglomerate additive; it can be catalyzed in order to be used as a hardening agent for bitumen. It is particularly suitable for high-modulus asphalt and for the production of mastic asphalt.

The estimated reserve in the possession of ATDM Gilsonite mine consisting currently in 100 million tons.

ATDM was analyzed in the Laboratory of national road lab in Fieri . Results are shown in the table below




Binder Content

UNI EN 12697-1


Aggregate Granulometry

UNI EN 12697-2

98% between mesh 35 and 230

Penetration of Binder

UNI EN 1426

184 dmm

Softening Point of Binder

UNI EN 1427

34 °C


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